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What is IST?

IST stands for Inner Space Techniques and refers to a body of work designed to unravel deep emotional blockages and bring clarity where there is currently confusion. 

'Inner Space' Refers to the background of our consciousness, normally not accessed in a waking state.

The process is about 'Sourcing' - the action of moving toward the source - the deeper layers of feeling, and of past events. A safe, protective ambience facilitates the reaching of this depth where great shifts and realizations can emerge. This effect is a profound unravelling of the compelling weight of past emotional patterning, which has been driving our behavior and choices in ways we do not see, resulting in unhappiness and stress.

The result is a more grounded, integrated sense of self, and a freedom from behavioral patterns that do not serve you. When more of you has been cognized, and internal 'clicks' have taken place, then a greater continuity of the fullest sense of your identity comes into focus, ready to take on the world

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