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I've always been fascinated with attaining clarity... cutting through to the core of what counts... what's truly important... be that in a connection or conversation with someone, or in the bigger framework of life.

To that end I've spent over 25 years pursuing transformation – including intensive training in meditation based techniques through the Clairvision School of meditation.

Since 2006 I have lived in the United States and have given thousands of one-on-one sessions using the Inner Space Techniques (IST) method.

I've also led workshops in New York City, Boston, Toronto, Asheville NC, and Berkeley, CA, as well as my native Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

My personal style combines patient compassion and piercing vision that cuts through veils of confusion to focus on what really matters to the client. Helping people to connect to inner threads of joy, motivation and will to go beyond fear, confusion and doubt. Dispelling clouds of negative emotions by contacting something more compelling within.

I currently reside in Berkeley California, and connect to clients via online chat technology.




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